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If you can opt for a proportional and enlarged buttocks Butt lift can be done as a part of body contouring. Butt lift or the BBB, is a cosmetic procedure which involves fat transfer. Liposuction is done to remove excess fat from certain parts of the body and then fat is transferred by other method to the buttock area for size and shape augmentation. This also helps improve the contour and proportions of the lower body, improve the firmness and may provide an alternative solution to implants.

Butt lift is a part of body contouring services available at Everlast Wellness Medical Center in Abu Dhabi.

Why do I need Butt lift?

You may undergo this procedure if you have a small asymmetric buttocks and you need to increase its volume, or if you opt to improve the shape of your butt to have a curved appearance. This procedure will give you a natural looking body.

How does Brazilian Butt Lift work?

Small incisions are made to introduce the liposuction cannula. Excess fat from the abdomen, lower back, thighs or hips are drained, removed and collected through liposuction which are then purified to be injected strategically back in the body into the buttocks.

Is the treatment painful? Is it safe? How long will the treatment take?

Tumescent Anesthesia is applied to both the harvest site and the treatment area for a comfortable procedure. Fat transfer for Butt lift is known to be safe and effective more so with an experienced plastic surgeon. Brazilian Butt Lifts usually take an hour to 4 hours

How many treatments I need before I see results and how long will it stay?

Results will be immediate and permanent so long as proper diet and heathy lifestyle are observed. It will be natural and improves your body contour with a balanced look.

How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses fat from your own body to enhance the size and improve the shape of your buttocks. Because the “filler” is your body’s own fat, results from a BBL can last for several years.

It can take up to six months for results from a BBL to be fully realized. During this time, the care that you take of yourself will have a direct impact on both the appearance and the longevity of your results. While in our care, we will make sure you fully understand how to prepare for and recover from your Brazilian butt lift procedure to help ensure your entire experience is as rewarding as possible.People should discuss with their surgeon who can give an estimate that they will base on the individual’s situation.

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