Clinical Digital Imaging

Assessment and evaluation are the most important indicators of the success of a treatment. In Everlast, true results are clinically attained with our state of the art Digital Analysis facility housing the latest cutting edge technologies of facial and body imaging. Whether its volume, moisture, pigmentation, scar or asymmetry, our comprehensive assessment and post treatment evaluation imaging and comparison, will turn your “maybe it works” to a “it absolutely works”!

Digital Skin Analysis

Innovation is an understatement in Everlast. The Everlast Wellness Medical Center Digital Skin Analysis Clinic is the first to fully digitalize assessment and evaluation to all its clinical and aesthetic treatments in all Abu Dhabi. The procedure is performed by taking clinical photographs with guaranteed patient’s privacy and comfort.
A 3-Dimensional photograph that simulates and measures treatment and its results, an imaging system that revolves 180 ֯ to assess your face and body and a technology that gives you an accurate picture of your actual skin condition are just few of finds that will not only amuse you, but will also aid in creating a more specific, problem centered treatment plan.

How long will it take?
The procedure will take a maximum of 10 minutes.

How often should you do Skin Analysis?
Every treatment starts and ends in the Digital Skin Analysis Clinic. The frequency though is different per treatment program. Some treatments need to be closely and frequently monitored to see and appreciate the results which are communicated to the client through professional consultation and discussion. On a minimum, your visit to the Skin Analysis Clinic is before, immediately after and two weeks after your treatment.

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