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Dermatologist : 10 Tips for Managing Acne on Your Face and Anywhere Else

Is it accurate to say that you are steadfastly treating your skin inflammation yet at the same time seeing new breakouts? Your skin health management routine could be to be faulted. Here are 10 healthy skin propensities that dermatologists prescribe to assist you with getting the best outcomes from your skin inflammation treatment:
1. Wash twice a day and after sweating. particularly when wearing a cap or head protector, can exacerbate skin break out, so wash your skin at the earliest opportunity in the wake of perspiring.
2. Use your fingertips to apply a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser. Using a washcloth, mesh sponge, or anything else can irritate the skin.
3. Be gentle with your skin. Use gentle products, such as those that are alcohol-free. Do not use products that irritate your skin, which may include astringents, toners and exfoliants. Dry, red skin makes acne appear worse.
4. Scrubbing your skin can make acne worse. Avoid the temptation to scrub your skin.
5. Rinse with lukewarm water
6. Shampoo regularly. If you have oily hair, shampoo daily.
7. Let your skin heal naturally. If you pick, pop, or squeeze your acne, your skin will take longer to clear and you increase the risk of getting acne scars.
8. Keep your hands off your face. Touching your skin throughout the day can cause flare-ups.
9. Stay out of the sun and tanning beds. Tanning damages you skin. In addition, some acne medications make the skin very sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light, which you get from both the sun and indoor tanning devices.
10. Using tanning beds increases your risk for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 75%.

Counsel a dermatologist if:
• Your skin break out makes you modest or humiliated.
• The items you’ve attempted have not worked.
• Your skin break out is leaving scars or obscuring your skin.

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Today, for all intents and purposes each instance of skin break out can be effectively treated. Dermatologists can help treat existing skin inflammation, forestall new breakouts, and diminish your opportunity of creating scars. In the event that you have questions or worries about focusing on your skin, you should plan to see a dermatologist.


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