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About us

Welcome to Everlast Wellness Medical Center in Abu Dhabi where beauty goes beyond…

With more than ten years’ experience in this field and a team of expert doctors and highly trained professionals, Everlast Wellness Medical Center provides high quality services starting from personal consultation, to treatment procedures, and until achieving the desired results.

In Everlast Wellness Medical Center, we believe that natural beauty looks can be achieved! Therefore, we work closely with our clients, listen carefully to their needs and design the treatment that works best for each individual.

So, we invite you to experience Beauty and Beyond with Everlast Wellness Medical Center!

The founder’s (Dr. Christeen Youssef) vision is that the Center would be a world class holistic center, offering excellence and innovation in the Cosmetic, Aesthetic, and Anti-aging healthcare fields.

We aspire to provide the local community with the highest level of health and wellness encompassing the body, mind and spirit.


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Our Mission

Everlast Wellness’ mission is to provide options for a beautiful, younger, more attractive, and all-natural look. Our services include comprehensive advice to boost self-esteem, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and contribute to the individual’s quality of life and wellness.


Our Values

Integrity: Set a Standard of high ethics, honesty and transparency.
Quality: Adopting a holistic approach we would focus our energy on excellency, creativity, innovation, and a commitment to apply our skills with intelligence and compassion.

Patient Services:

To be intentional in respecting patients’ privacy, confidentiality, and safety.
To be respectful of their rights and decisions.
To treat them with respect, dignity, kindness and compassion.
To honestly provide them with sound advice and recommendations.
To be aware and considerate of each individual’s unique need to be heard and satisfied.


To work together as one team, sharing and respecting each other’s knowledge, wisdom, education and training in order to ensure patient receives the best comprehensive treatment.


Take responsibility for the actions and their collective outcomes.


To be easily accessible through various media tools and personal contact.


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