Milia Treatment

What are Milia?

Milia are small, dome-shaped, non-harmful, bump-like superficial protein formation which are usually white and yellow in color on the skin surface. These are commonly found in the cheeks, face and anywhere in the body.

What is Milia Treatment?

Everlast’s Milia Treatment is a permanent, non-surgical procedure which aims to remove Milia in different parts of the body. From manual extraction to medical grade facials, cryotherapy or even minimally invasive procedures, we got you covered.

Is the treatment painful? Is it safe? How long will the Milia treatment take?

Depending on the type of treatment, comfort is and will always be our priority. Generally, common Milia treatments are painless but for some minimally invasive options, a topical anesthesia is always ready to back us up. This safe procedure is done in 30 minutes to an hour depending on the severity or number of Milia to be extracted.

How many treatments do I need before I see the results and how long will it stay?

While some treatment areas may be delicate which requires a shorter time and deep which requires several aggressive and multiple treatments, results are immediately observed after the treatment. Results last for months. Lifestyle modification may delay the return or new formation of Milia.

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