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Everlast Wellness Medical Center demonstrates the passion for a holistic approach, drive to find alternative minimally-invasive solutions to aesthetic issues, and desire to address those issues with the most advanced scientific techniques. Our Anti-aging program provides a comprehensive approach to a healthy life-style. Our employees possess proven track records in their areas of expertise, and design the best individual customized programs to serve our clients.

Skin Care Treatments

Our skin care treatments like Medical Grade Facials and Chemical Peels, Depigmentation Treatments, Hydrodermabrasion Treatments, Deep Facial and Body Cleaning, Microneedling and Skin Rejuvenation using radio frequency technology have allowed us to identify ourselves as the top-of-the-list..

Body Treatments

Achieving your target weight and body shape is usually considered as a grueling task. But at Everlast, we employ a plethora of obesity and body treatments, ensuring your journey is not just ‘good’, it’s the best.With continuous research, we have safely done 3000++ treatments for all ages in the region…

Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program

With the Everlast’s Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program, you will cover multiple procedures that may range from non-or-minimally invasive treatments, microsurgical to minor invasive treatments devised by our physicians and tailor made…

Laboratory Test

Beauty is more than skin, and so are our treatments. Whenever necessary, your treatments at Everlast will include laboratory tests to make sure that our recommendations are according to your needs and customized accurately to be optimized for you. This may include skin DNA analysis …

Threads Lifting

The rise in the need to look younger has propelled Thread lifting to the forefront of quick and minimally invasive ‘lunch hour’ treatments. Everlast ensures that this rising trend is dealt with utmost safety by our US Board Certified Consultant Aesthetic Dermatologists. Our claim to the highest safety..

Injectable Treatment

Fillers, Stem Cells injections, Fat reduction, Platelet Rich Plasma, Mesotherapy are just some of the everyday procedures the specialists at Everlast are skilled at.  With close to 25,000 treatments done, we pride ourselves in being the go-to medical center for all things aesthetic..

Clinical Digital Imaging

Assessment and evaluation are the most important indicators of the success of a treatment. In Everlast, true results are clinically attained with our state of the art Digital Analysis facility housing the latest cutting edge technologies of facial and body..

Anti - aging Program

They say age is just a number, but everyone wants to look and feel young. Our Anti-Ageing programs have got everyone talking! By combining the expertise of specialists and dieticians, we have made it easier to manage the aging concerns of our clients. Customized diet programs, Thyroid Functions tests..

Hair Treatments

We know how much your hair means to you. It’s your way of expression of individuality. Hence, we take our hair treatments equally seriously. With more than 3200++ hair treatments done using Mesotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cells, we’ve established ourselves ..

Plastic Surgery

Our internationally acclaimed in-house Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon has practiced the art of plastic surgery for more than 40 years and has conducted more than 10,000++ plastic surgeries. Needless to say, any Cosmetic Surgery that you may be considering, you are in a very capable and extremely  ..

Laser Treatments

Mediocrity is not the Everlast way. With over 7000+ laser procedures done by Everlast’s team of Board Certified Medical Specialists, our legacy of administering only FDA approved and safe laser treatments allows you to expect only the highest levels of safety and results from us.

Clinical Dermatology

The secret to Everlast’s dominance as the top choice is the amalgamation of scientific excellence with a touch of personal care.Our board certified clinical dermatologists understand that beauty is skin deep and that underlying cause must be treated. Acne, Rosacea, Urticaria, Eczema, ,.


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