Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program

With the Everlast’s Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program, you will cover multiple procedures that may range from non-or-minimally invasive treatments, microsurgical to minor invasive treatments devised by our physicians and tailor made according to each patient.

Professional Consultation

This body enhancement journey starts with a comprehensive and well-informed consultation. Our physicians employ a patient-centric approach and encourage your involvement for the treatment framework and conscientiously implement programs to evaluate their results.

When necessary, our doctors will also collaborate with specialists like our Aesthetic Dermatologist Specialists and Plastic Surgeon to address your needs.

Nutritional Treatment Program

Nutrition is often said to be the key to maintaining total wellbeing. Questions about ageing, lifestyle, metabolism or weight issues will be addressed by our in-house dietitian and customized health programs will be recommended based on your health need.

Our complete program includes diet modification, vitamins and minerals evaluation and supplementation, fat analysis, thyroid function assessment and more to make sure you live your best life.

Digital Monitoring for Vital Signs

With the aid of technology, the Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program pushes you to reach your recommended caloric count, fluid consumption, blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol count, fat and muscle loss, and more, ensuring that everything is trackable and goals become easy to achieve.


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