Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program

As we take on more responsibilities and roles in our lives, we allot less and less time to exercise and personal well-being. Not only does this result in dire health concerns, but also shows through with extra saggy skin, unwanted fats and muscle tone and strength deterioration.

The Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program assesses and recommends body treatments with the aid of technologically advanced machines that are proven safe and effective.

Fat reduction – Most health problems nowadays include unwanted fats and most body goals involve fat reduction or the removal of it.

Our fat reduction machines use the latest technologies such as Mono and Multi-Polar Radiofrequencies, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, High Frequency Energy Fields and even a special form of Fat Reduction Laser. These technologies are directed towards the surface of the skin and delivers uniform and volumetric energies heating the deeper tissues of undesirable fats. This causes the shrinkage of fats and the stimulation of collagen and elastin for tissue remodeling.

Recommended program requires an average of 4-6 treatments with 1-2 weeks interval.

Muscle toning – Patients have a variety of concerns and one of them includes muscle laxity. It is true that one can be fat with more muscle or thin with less muscle and these parameters have different clinical indications. Muscle assessment is the first step of machine assisted muscle toning program.

Our state of the art body analysis and treatment center covers this aspect in whichever area of the body it is required.

The Muscle toning machines used in the Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program produces High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field that creates supramaximal muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions.

Skin tightening – Sagginess is a concern not limited to a certain gender or age group and is often undesirable for many. The Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program tediously uses machines for sagginess that are not only FDA approved but are also highly specific in targeting your problem area.

Our machines tighten skin through Radio Frequency, Acoustic Vibrations and Electromagnetic Fields technologies to not just promote tightness but denser, collagen-rich and firmer skin.

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As experts, we understand that body concerns are not limited to superficial aesthetics and beautification. Sometimes, the real culprit is an underlying medical condition that does not only hinders physiologic body processes more so the psychological and confidence of an individual to pursue a body enhancement program.

Our Board Certified Dermatologist Specialists will take care of your clinical concerns – from diagnosis to its treatment evaluation. Whether it’s a simple acne or pigmentation, or more complex conditions like Psoriasis or ulcerated dermal lesions, we treat them from its root because we believe these to be key determinants of a successful treatments.

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Beauty is relative to each individual. There are those that like to be skinny while others prefer to have that hour glass figure. Regardless of your choice, the Everlast’s Comprehensive Body Enhancement Program provides you with a plethora of plastic surgery options to give you immediate and long term results.

Whether you opt for a tummy tuck or breast augmentation, a fat transfer or a neck lift, we can assure that this approach to beauty which may seem drastic and daunting to you, are every day common procedures that are safely done for our in-house Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

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