Laser Fungal Infection

A treatment where laser is used to kill fungus/fungal infection. It’s usually done in the toe nail and is medically called onychomycosis.

 How does Laser for Fungal Infection work?

Emitted laser energy creates heat which penetrates the toenail and is absorbed by the fungus/fungi cell, eventually killing them with excessive heat. The ability of the laser to penetrate such thickness makes it a promising solution in treating onychomycosis.

Is the treatment painful? Is it safe? How long will the treatment take?

The treatment is very safe and is not painful although one may feel heat under the nail. The sensation is mild and easily manageable. One session laser for fungal infection typically lasts 30 minutes or less per area.

How many treatments I need before I see results and how long will it stay?

Nails from a fungal infection will not clear immediately. Treatment results are assessed when the nail grows out completely usually between 6-12 months. The origin of the infection and the type of laser used are some determinants for the number of treatments required.

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